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God's Afraid

Typ: Demo Jahr: 1993 Produzent: Robert Rogers & Tony DiMaria Aufnahmeort: -

Für diesen Song liegt uns noch keine Beschreibung vor.


Sean Dowdell And His Friends? (Demotape)


Maybe someday I'll find my soul
Maybe sometimes I'm out of control
I lost my fears and all my dignity
Maybe god is just afraid of me, yeah

I gave up everything and now I'm alone
I should have listened to what you were told
Although everything I had is gone
I went from insane from living to long

Now my feet are standing free
Facing days of unknown dreams
Children play the razor's blades
Cut thy throat life washed away

Why can't I
Why can't I fall

Why can't I
Why can't I fall

God's afraid of me, yeah
God's afraid of me, yeah

Why can't I
Why can't I fall

Why can't I
Why can't I fall


Dieser Song wurde zuletzt am 18.07.2009, 13:47 aktualisiert.